• Tournament Regulations

    1. Only players born after 01-01- 2010 are permitted to take part.
    2. The matches will be played according to the KNVB rules
    3. A time penalty of 5 minutes can be given in a match.
    4. If a player receives two yellow cards in one game, he will automatically be suspended from the following match.
    5. If a player immediately receives a red card in a match, he will automatically be suspended from the following two matches.
    6. 5 substitutes may be made per game.
    7. Protests against the referee's decision will not be accepted.
    8. The pool matches will last for 2 x 15 minutes: the qualifying matches will last for 2 x 15 minutes and the final will last for 2 x 20 minutes.
    9. The matches will be started and ended centrally by the competition leader. Teams must ready for their game in order to start the game on time. Injury time is not counted.
    10. The clubs takes care of the assistant referee.
    11. If several teams in a pool end in a draw, the result will be determined as follows:
      a)      via the amount of goals scored
      b)      if this is also equal, the results of the previously played game will be taken into account
      c)      if a decision is still not reached, then the result will be determined  through penalties.
    12. The penalties will be taken in series of 5 by 5 different players, ensuring that each team in turn takes a penalty.  If after this series the score is still equal, each team will take a penalty in turn until, after an equal number of penalties, one team has one goal more than the other does.
    13. Each club must submit a list of players to the tournament organizers before the start of the tournament.
    14. Each club must ensure that they have a reserve football outfit, which will be used in case an opponent has the same colors.  The home players will then use the reserve strips.
    15. The organizers will decide any cases which are not covered by the above rules. 




    You are kindly asked to ensure that the changing rooms and showers are left in a decent state.


    Do not leave any valuable possessions in the changing rooms or sleeping areas.  It is strongly recommended to leave any valuables with your coach, as F.C. Den Helder cannot be held responsible for any damage and/or stolen items.